1. Anthony and Casey

    I watched Anthony and Casey’s love story write itself from the moment they met. However, I never knew how important the two of them would grow to mean to me.

    Prepare for a sappy, in-depth post about these two and their wedding now.

    Anthony and I had met through the power of the internet a few years ago and quickly formed a close friendship. I loved hearing him gush about Casey when they first started dating and could tell how completely in love the two of them were. Finally, following the news of their engagement Anthony asked (more like demanded) if I’d be willing to shoot their wedding in Texas in May! Of course I said yes!

    A giant wedding soon became too much, and was very unlike the two of them so an intimate elopement in Austin, Texas in January became their new plan. The three of us planned the whole thing in secret.

    After two flight delays, a lot of stress and tons of jumping through hoops I arrived in Houston the night before their wedding. When we were all finally together in person the plan finally started to feel real for all of us and we were giant balls of exhausted emotion.

    Casey and I spent the rainy morning of their wedding day on the couch surrounded by animals and music while Anthony ran some last minute wedding day errands. We spent a great deal of time talking about how important meeting Anthony had been for her and how “over the top” in love with him she was. Our conversation soon spanned from future careers to favorite records and it felt like we were exactly where we were both meant to be.

    After stopping for a healthy, hearty breakfast at Whattaburger, the three of us headed to Austin to prepare for the big day!

    We arrived at the absolutely luxurious Kimber Modern Hotel in Austin where the preparations began.

    We shuttled through rush hour traffic to city hall to discover the judge wasn’t there and that they were to be married by a different judge in a completely different building. So through security again we went and made it just in time!

    The judge thought his office might be a little prettier than the court room and so Anthony and Casey were married right in his office, with yours truly as their witness (it’s on their marriage license, so it’s official).

    Fighting with the possibility of more rain and the setting sun, the three of us traveled to as many places evening Austin traffic would allow for. We ended up at the Zilker Botanical Gardens right as they were closing, and they granted the newlyweds access to it until the sunset so you bet we took full advantage of that!

    After that we hit South Congress for post-wedding shenanigans! We decided on the Snack Bar for dinner where we got the royal treatment on the outside patio. A local band was playing and Anthony and Casey had their first dance there.

    We wandered SoCo for a little while longer and Anthony and Casey ended up getting their wedding cake fix, in cupcake form, from the cutest cupcake truck Hey Cupcake!

    We all ended back at the Kimber Modern where champagne was had and random hotel adventuring and silliness ensued.

    The three of us split in downtown Austin, the two of them peddling (heh) me off on a PediCab man (that was truly an experience in itself let me tell you) while they met up with some friends to celebrate!  

    I went on to soak in all that Austin had to offer and experience “Austin’s Free Week” which consisted of lots and lots of free, spectacular music.

    I absolutely fell in love with city while I was there and anxiously await the day I can return. It was truly an amazing experience and I feel so so honored to have been a part of both Anthony and Casey’s special day, and to have made my first voyage back to my native state in such a way!

    I love you both dearly and can’t wait to see what the two of you get into as the years go on!

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day in such a profound, intimate and special way. You were both so accommodating and hilarious and caring and I feel so fortunate to have met you! I can’t wait to come back for a visit to adventure through Texas and have deep life talks with the both of you!