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  2. Ice Angel.

    My darling Amy and I took an adventure into the woods in the snow to grab some new shots right after I’d landed home over break. It was absolutely freezing, and I was bundled up in all sorts of proper winter-wear, but Amy is a champ and didn’t even complain once. We went into this sort of blind, hoping to grab a sort of vague film-noir type vibe. We coupled that concept with snow and minimal clothing, and came out with these. After pushing it to the brink, we sat and defrosted for a good 30 minutes before we could even feel our toes. Amy is seriously one beautiful tough cookie and I love her to pieces.

    Shoots are always the best way to catch up with old friends.

    Especially the ones that were around when you first started out with your “photoshoots” *shudders*.

    Oh, and  hair and makeup was provided with the lovely and talented Katie Galli // Katie Galli Hair Design, call her up. Seriously, she does absolutely amazing work.







  8. Truly a champion.


  9. Human // Anti-slut shaming

    This past fall, an assignment for my 2D design class was to take a social issue we felt strongly about and translate it into a piece using one unity principle.

    I decided that anti-slut shaming was a pretty relevant and prudent topic and ran with it, incorporating the use of photography to highlight my point.

    Choosing to completely cover our bodies, barely covering our bodies: this is never the grounds or reason to judge another person. A person may choose to be promiscuous (safety first, kids) or may not engage in any sort of sexual behavior at all, and both are perfectly acceptable. It all boils down to the fact that we are all human. Underneath all of these superficial labels lies a fleshy body full of organs, blood, and hormones; we are all biologically the same and therefore have absolutely no right to assume we are better than anyone else.

    We should all be free to express ourselves however we so wish with no unjust repercussions. We are all human. We are all the same.


    Ironically enough, while shooting these photos the realness of the issue rang true. The boys had no problem taking their shirts off, nobody blinked and eye, and they were positively rewarded for doing so by those around. As for us ladies, we were rushing to take the photos and hid behind trees and threw our clothes back on as soon as we could, worried that we would be reprimanded or chastised for having our shirts off. (Mind you it is 100% legal for a woman to walk around topless in New York state).

    Think it’s not an issue?

    Think again.

    I challenge you to go out in public and do this exact same thing. The reactions from passersbys is proof enough.

    This is part one of the final project. I had it printed in a 20” x 24” size for emphasis.


    I also shot a series of Polaroids highlighting the same issue as a second part to this series. I haven’t gotten a chance to take any high-quality photos of the set yet, but here’s a nice “lo-fi, taken with my phone in a dark room” photo just to give you a glimpse at that part:


    The red banner reads : “Underneath we are all the SAME”

    Also, initially I planned on just submitting this photo. A series of self portraits blended together, emphasizing the issue at hand. I produced this early in the process of brainstorming solutions for the problem presented, and ended up deciding to take the piece in a different direction. But here’s that one too:



  10. Full resolution of final product.